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There is no law restricting the practice of architecture or use of the title 'architect' in many countries, including Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and parts of Switzerland; in the British Isles, there is freedom in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.  The question has been asked whether buildings designed by architects not subject to any legislative restriction fall down faster.

Australia debate over repeal of Architects Acts.  See also the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia

   Capital Territory - Architects Act 2004 (A2004-20)

   New South Wales - Architects Act 2003 No 89

   Northern Territory - Architects Act as in force December 2005

   Queensland - Architects Act 2002 Reprint 1c

   South Australia - Architects Act 1939

   Victoria - Architects Act 1991 No 13

   Western Australia - Architects Act 1921


   Alberta - Architects Act RSA 2000

   British Columbia - Architects Act 1996 Chapter 17

   Manitoba - The Architects Act RSM 1987

   New Brunswick - The Architects Act 1987 (respecting the Architects' Association)

   Newfoundland - The Act (Newfoundland Association of Architects)

   Nova Scotia - Architects Act 1989 Chapter 21

   Ontario - Architects Act 1990 (amended 2001) Chapter A.26

   Prince Edward Island - Architects Act 2003 Chapter A-18.1

   Quebec - Architects Act RSQ A-21

Czech Republic - Architects Act 360/1992

France - Loi sur l'architecture (version consolidé au 2005); English machine translation

India - Architects Act 1972 (Enter "Architects" into "Short Title" Search.

Ireland - Building Control Act 2007 (see in particular Parts 3 and 6).

Jersey (Channel Islands) - Architects (Registration) (Jersey) Law 1954 (as revised to 31 August 2004 - Edition 05.025)

Malaysia - Architects Act 1967 No. 117

New Zealand - Registered Architects Act 2005 No 38

Singapore - Architects Act 1991 Chapter 12, Section 36

South Africa - Architectural Profession Act 2000

Zimbabwe - Architects Act, Acts 29/1981


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