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Architects (Registration) Act 1931 An Act to provide for the registration of architects and for purposes connected therewith.

Architects (Registration) Act 1931 incorporating amendments made up to 31 December 1975

Architects Registration Act 1938 An Act to restrict the use of the name Architect to Registered Architects and to extend the time within which practising architects may apply for registration.

Architects Registration (Amendment) Act 1969 (see also the entry in the UK Statute Law Database) An Act to amend section 14 of the Architects (Registration) Act 1931; to vary from time to time the proportion of the income of the Architects' Registration Council of the United Kingdom which has to be put into the fund maintained by the Council for the support of needy students of architecture; to widen the purposes of the fund; and for purposes connected therewith.

The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 An Act to make provision for grants and other assistance for housing purposes and about action in relation to unfit housing; to amend the law relating to construction contracts and architects; to provide grants and other assistance for regeneration and development and in connection with clearance areas; to amend the provisions relating to home energy efficiency schemes; to make provision in connection with the dissolution of urban development corporations, housing action trusts and the Commission for the New Towns; and for connected purposes.  Follow this link to go to the provisions within it for amending the law in relation to architects. (Note: the Act is superseded by the Architects Act in respect of Part III only.)


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