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AARUK has been set up by an informal grouping of individuals who consider that the advancement of architecture is a continuing public good.  We are predominantly but not exclusively architects.  This website grows out of communications between us over a period of some years.

We are in no way in competition with existing sources, official or commercial.  Our aim is to offer an auxiliary service to inquirers who do not know where to begin, or whose line of inquiry has reached a dead end.

Editorial policy is to allow contributions which will enable inquirers to be better informed about topics of interest to them than they would be by relying only on a limited range of sources such as official communications or press coverage.  Some may be more directly connected with Registration and the Architects Act, some less so.

For those who wish to find something particular on this web site but do not know where to find it, try here .

Contact: info @ aaruk.info (please remove the gaps they are there to discourage spam crawlers).

This website has a small but dedicated readership, 65% making return visits during July.  Most visitors are from the United Kingdom but there are some international visits, mostly from the Republic of Ireland but also the United States and Brussels.  47% of our readers come directly to the site, with 12% being referred from elsewhere and 41% finding it through search engines.  The bounce rate at 66% is high, suggesting that regular readers come by merely to check whether anything new has been published.  Average time on site varies, with most readers (excluding those who bounce out) staying for more than 5 minutes.  When there is new material, the average stay usually exceeds 10 minutes.

The most popular search topic to find us during the month of July 2010 (apart from "aaruk") remained "an unequal standard across Europe", followed by "architects registration reform".  Other than the front page, the most visited pages during the month in order of popularity were: PII; Architects Registration Board; Links to Legislation; Architects Act: "another regime?"; Architects Act : "A useful 21st-century function" etc; Education : "An unequal standard across Europe"; Registration : "The cost of registration"; Title, and Discipline (Parts 9 and 10): "The ARB's case against I S has collapsed".

An interesting source of referrals during the month of July has been the Architects' Alliance, a lobbying and information group based in Ireland that was formed in 2009 in response to Part 3 of the Irish Building Control Act.

During July the Architects Registration Board visited our site 22 times.

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